FA7 : Plain Weave Grey, Black and Walnut Gunclub Check


This cloth is a light Grey, Black and Walnut classic Gunclub Check.

Fox Air is a tropical suiting cloth with a crisp, dry handle. Woven using a 2-ply up-twisted worsted wool to achieve a crease resistant cloth that is the ideal travel companion. The merino wool, woven in plain weave, will breathe in the summer heat. The Fox Air collection contains a variety of classic designs; pinstripes, windowpanes and glenchecks in refined colours including classic navy, melange grey, denim, walnut and olive. All suitable for suiting and jacketing and, true to form of Fox Brothers, woven without compromise.

        METRIC WEIGHT: 285/315g
        IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 10/11oz
        CLOTH CODE: FA7
        COLOUR: Multi
        PATTERN: Gunclub Check

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