The Grand Tour Sporting Stripe


The Grand Tour Sporting Stripe, has been especially woven as part of Fox Brothers' anniversary celebrations.

A cloth made for the warmer climates, with its lightweight nature and cooling properties. The two-tone colouration of azure and sky blue, produces a strong summertime aesthetic, provoking thoughts of alfresco fine dining along the Mediterranean coastline. 

Can be tailored into a crisp and airy blazer, perfect for an explorative grand tour, through the coastal roads of Amalfi and the Italian Riviera.  

Woven with 51% wool & 49% linen base, the characteristics of these two fibres perfectly complement each other. The crimp of the wool reduces the wrinkle of the linen, resulting in a superb summertime cloth.

    METRIC WEIGHT: 230/260g
    COLOUR: Blue
    PATTERN: Stripe

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