VF12 : Vintage "West of England" Brown Chalk Stripe


This jacketing cloth woven from Merino wool, provides the flannel with a heavier mid weight, whilst still providing a soft and luxurious feel. Named after its similarities to chalk drawings on a blackboard, the chalk stripe was subsequently first adopted by extremely wealthy merchants during the early 1900's, as the uniform for the senior members of management within the company. The contemporary patterning has shades of dark brown and grey. Therefore, this jacketing cloth makes one of the best choices to produce a formal jacket, which could be paired with a classic shirt, sophisticated tie, straight trousers and some formal shoes.

Expertly and lovingly created for that special occasion ‘in mind’, the Vintage Fox collection is the epitome of elegance. Crafted with Merino wool for a comfortable and superior finish. This range features an array of different bold and powerful colour combinations, to create the ultimate formalwear garment.

    METRIC WEIGHT: 370/400g
    IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 13/14oz
    COLOUR: Brown
    PATTERN: Stripe

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