VF28 : Café Noir & Coffee Brown Puppytooth


This Fox cloth expertly woven together with Merino wool, provides the fabric with a heavier mid weight, whilst also having a luxurious and soft feel to the touch. Named after the renowned houndstooth design, the puppytooth is simply a smaller scale version of the traditional houndstooth pattern. The contemporary patterning uses a dark shade of brown. An exceptional choice to tailor an exquisite formal jacket, to be paired with a shirt, tie, pleated trousers and matching footwear.

Expertly and lovingly created for that special occasion ‘in mind’, the Vintage Fox collection is the epitome of elegance. Crafted with Merino wool for a comfortable and superior finish. This range features an array of different bold and powerful colour combinations, to create the ultimate formalwear garment.

    METRIC WEIGHT: 400/430g
    IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 14/15oz
    COLOUR: Brown
    PATTERN: Houndstooth

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