EC4 : Exmoor Overcoating Midnight Twill


This overcoating with a prominent twill line is made out of Black and dark Navy tones, as dark as the Somerset night sky.

Woven in Somerset at the foot of Exmoor National Park, the colours of the overcoating are directly influenced from hillsides and moors in Devon and Somerset during the autumn months. The cloth is woven in Wellington as it has been for well over 200 years. Fox Brothers has been long associated with military cloth and uses a no-compromise approach to weaving its world famous product. 

The Exmoor Overcoating is a 560g cloth making it a relevant weight for contemporary tailoring.  

      METRIC WEIGHT: 560/590g
      IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 20/21oz
      COLOUR: Navy
      PATTERN: Twill

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