FF26 : 1772 Flannel Classic Black


Join us in celebrating our history and future as one of the world’s most prestigious weaving mills.

Since 1772, Fox Brothers has produced the finest woollen and worsted fabrics in Somerset, England. To commemorate this milestone, we are proud to present you with the '1772 Flannel' collection.

This '1772 Flannel Classic Black' fabric is the pinnacle of luxury, The handle is sublimely soft, a result of intimately blended fine Merino lambswool and cashmere, combined with the expert finish of Fox flannel.

A cloth woven with SustainaWool certified fibre, embracing the natural characteristics and resourcefulness of wool. Highly considered as "nature’s technical fibre", wool provides comfortable, durable, breathable, moisture controlling, renewable and biodegradable properties.

Officially credited as the original creators of flannel, Fox Brothers first developed ‘flannel’ in 1803 and remain the standard bearer, for this wonderfully soft milled cloth.

      METRIC WEIGHT: 400/430g
      IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 14/15oz
      CLOTH CODE: FF26
      COLOUR: Black
      PATTERN: Plain

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