CT1 : Fox Classic Covert Cloth


The classic covert cloth was created by Fox Brothers & co. in the late 1800's.  The term covert derived from the french 'couvert' whose definition is of a shelter or hiding place for game. and referred to the unique colour, woven from a myriad of fibres, tightly spun in a steep twill to create a soft warm hue, quite unlike anything else. Such was the importance of this innovation the V&A museum now credit Cordings as the originator of this special coat and have one in their permanent collection.This tightly woven steep twill originally designed to with stand the harshness of riding. It's olive and fawn colouring was ideal to hide horse hair and any mud or dust that may attach itself. Today, this cloth lends itself to be a beautiful hard wearing cloth whose colour is versatile to be worn with any shade of suit. 

Cloth of the 'Original Covert Coat' created by Cordings in the early 1900's this coat is as relevant today as it was then. Classically elegant, versatile and hard wearing with deep pockets to carry an iPad or paper rather than pheasant or grouse.

    METRIC WEIGHT: 530/550g
    IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 18/19oz
    COLOUR: Khaki
    PATTERN: Covert

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