Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Cedar Balls and Refresher Spray


Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Cedar Balls and Refresher Spray

These cedar balls can be placed amongst your clothing, stored on a clothing rail, or placed into jacket pockets as an effective anti-moth deterrent.    

The cedarwood aroma has been developed as a natural moth-repellent, as well as a refreshing fragrance to keep clothing at their best. 

Offering an uplifting and spicy scent of wooden aroma, the refreshing and natural properties of cedarwood oil, contain compounds which have historically repelled clothes moths and certain types of insects. 

Presented in a transparent drawstring bag, to be used as a whole or taken out individually when required. The pack contains approximately 20 cedarwood balls. 

Also comes comes with a refresher spray, to apply directly onto the cedar balls when required.

Overtime, the fragrances will become less fragrant and start to fade. Therefore, it is recommended to use the refresher spray every 3 months, to keep these Cedarwood balls at their most effective state. 


Bag: 12cm x 9cm (approximately 20 cedarwood balls per bag)

Refresher Spray: 5ml miniature bottle


  • Naturally based formula
  • Cedarwood scented
  • Presented in drawstring bag
  • Can be stored in various places
  • Helps deter clothes moths
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