Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Cedarwood Hanging Blocks Gift Set


Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Cedarwood Hanging Blocks Gift Set

Beautifully presented in a well packaged gift box, containing six solid cedarwood hanging blocks and a miniature bottle of 10ml cedarwood essential oil.

Designed to be placed on a clothes rail, spread out sporadically in-between garments to keep them smelling fresh and moth-free, with their unique blend of cedarwood fragrances.     

The wooden and citrus fragrance has been especially developed, to prevent clothes moths from damaging clothing and to keep treasured garments refreshed.

Spread evenly throughout the wardrobe, approximately 50cm away from one another. This will ensure that any stored pieces are equally protected and freshly stored. 

Due to the nature of the essential oils, it is recommended to reapply the oil every 3 months to the hanging blocks. Once retreated, the hangers can be placed back onto the clothing rail. 


x1 10ml Cedarwood essential oil

x6 Cedarwood Hanging Blocks


  • Naturally based formula
  • Cedarwood scented
  • Six hanging blocks
  • 10ml bottle of Cedarwood essential oil
  • Helps deter clothes moths
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