Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Hanging Sachets


Total Wardrobe Care Anti-Moth Hanging Sachets

(Pack of x5)

Available in two different varieties of Cedarwood and Vetivert, both of these fragrances have been specifically formulated to deter moths and produce an inviting aroma.

The cedarwood blend, is made up of lemon grass, fir, thyme, rosemary and other essential oils. Whilst the Vetivert fragrance produces hints of lavender, clove bud, laurel and other effective scents to deter moths.

Handmade in the New Forest and inspired by the idyllic landscapes of the area. Designed to be hung in a wardrobe to cleanse the air, and help keep clothes moths away from stored garments.

Each hanging sachet is designed to work effectively for approximately 6 months, to ensure a moth free and aromatic wardrobe.     


Each hanging sachet measures 22 x 8cm (Comes as pack of x5)


  • Naturally based formula
  • Available in a variety of fragrances
  • Can be placed on clothing rail
  • Keeps garments fresh
  • Helps deter clothes moths
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