WT27 : Worsted Classics Dark Indigo Twill


Introducing worsted classics for classic occasions. With the cutters’ favourite ‘London Shrunk’ finish; it’s the wardrobe staple woven for business, travel, and leisure including evening and wedding wear. This bunch contains twills, hopsacks and baratheas, along with several shades of plain weaves.

The worsted cloth was popular in the 1930s, Fox Brothers have re-developed this to become the sleek quality that we see today. This is achieved with the famous London Shrunk finish: the folding of cloth with moist heat, the drying of the cloth in precise conditions, and an even steam of the cloth all determine the excellence of this finish. The fabric is unstrained throughout finishing and forms well with a permanence that will not be altered during the tailoring process and steam pressing.

      METRIC WEIGHT: 320/350g
      IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 11/12oz
      CLOTH CODE: WT27
      COLOUR: Navy
      PATTERN: Twill

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