SP22 : Dried Moss, Ink Black & Shamrock Green Puppytooth (with Deco)


This heavier mid weight jacketing cloth woven with wool, provides the material with a soft and dry feel, making the perfect choice for a sports coat. 

Having taken inspiration from one elegantly dressed gentleman, on one fine summer’s ‘working lunch’, the initial idea for a brand-new collection of Sports Jacketing was ‘born’. After witnessing the striking outfit in question, with its tones of Edward green, rich patina and a hint of black. Ultimately inspiring this divine cloth (SP22), as the first in the marvellous Sports Jacketing bunch.

During the early 20th century, the Duke of Windsor vastly popularised a small-scale version of the Houndstooth patterning. Appropriately naming the modernised and restyled effect Puppytooth, for a sophisticated and fashionable appearance.

Designed for understated dressing, with British heritage in its ‘roots’. This quintessential cloth can be perfectly worn in every setting, whether that’s at home, in the city or even around the country. Fox Sports Jacketing is expertly crafted to ‘keep in’ with new traditions of relaxed elegance, to create both a timeless and ageless ‘classic’.

    METRIC WEIGHT: 400/430g
    IMPERIAL WEIGHT: 14/15oz
    COLOUR: Multi
    PATTERN: Houndstooth-Windowpane

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